Sunday, March 6, 2016

Elder Bednar!!

[Feb 27, 2016 letter] 

Well, this week was fun! but seriously this week was crazy with all the changes and the conference that we had with elder bednar yesterday, which was unbelievably amazing!! but the problem is that Elder Bednar is coming to the offices and we are being kick out for the day, so we are not sure when we are going to be able to finish writing, but i am going to try and get as much of it as i can in these couple minutes that we have right now.  Well this week was awesome and crazy, the new missionaries came on Tuesday, and we had a conference with them and spent pretty much all day with them, and then on wednesday we were running around like nuts! we had to care of the new missionaries and make sure that them and they trainers got to the bus terminal on time, and then make sure that all the other missionaries got to the bus terminal and didn´t miss their bus, and make sure that the missionaries that were going home made it the mission home.  then that night we spent with the missionaries that were leaving which is awful! because they are super trunky and they just are ready to go home!  Then we started with the flights at 1 in the morning!! ya!! luckily this change there wasn´t as many flights in the middle of the night like last change, so that was nice.  We finished all the flights around 2 or 3 in the afternoon on thursday and we went home and started getting ready for the conference with elder Bednar! The Conference was amazing! but it was originally going to start at like 2 in the afternoon on friday, but due to flight problems and elder Bednars work, we didn´t get to start until 7:30. but it was still an amazing 2 hours!  he didn´t really have a specific topic, he kinda jumped from topic to topic, but on of the first advices that he gave us was to stop worrying about being perfect.  That worrying about being perfect often gets in the way, and we just need to do our best! and trust that God will do the rest.  it was absolutely the best! Then i learned a very valuable lesson.... only one missionary in all of the two missions got to shake Elder Bednar´s hand, and it wasn´t an assistant or some office worker.... it was the pianist...  Ugh! if only i had learned the piano better!!! tyson... keep going with the piano, you might be able to shake an apostle´s hand for it!  

But anyway we are probably going to get kicked out of the offices in any moment, and hopefully we will see Elder Bednar ;) so i will try and write you personally and send some photos later but this is all the time that i have right now.  Love you all and thanks so much for everything!!! 

Elder Jensen

Change Photos:
Me and Elder Silva he went home due to knee problems and is going to try and get back here in 3 months, so i might pick him up! 

Elder Leite one of my old Zone Leaders from my first zone.

This is what the changes do to the office workers, you fall asleep in the nursery room.

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