Monday, September 28, 2015

Milagros Elder, ¡Milagros!

Hello everyone!!

Man this week has been absolutly up and down! some of the best and worst days of the mission in this week! (okay not really bad days, but there were some days where we litterally walked for 6 hours looking for something to do, or trying to find some references we had recieved, but we just ended up walking like 15 Km  which is like 9 miles!) but luckily a lot more good than bad! Well to start off the week we found a family!!  It was last saturday night and one of our charlas had fallen through and it was like 8 30 at night and we didn´t have any more plans or people to visit so we just decided to knock some doors even thought it was already dark and i didn{t think we were going to be able to find anyone at that time, but we knock on this house and this guy comes out and is super nice but he already had some people at home and didn{t want to let us in, so we set a time to come back on sunday, so we went and again, he wouldn´t let us in again, so we decided to come back one last time on tuesday, so we go to stop by and i personally didn´t think he was going to let us in, but we clapped and he came out and the first thing he says to us is to come in! so we were just like oh okay! so we start talking to him and after a couple minutes his wife gets home with some of the kids and they all just come start talking to us! we didn{t have to ask them to join us or anything! even the 10 year old kid was listening to us! and so we shared a little a bit of the first lession but at this time we had to go home, so we set a time to come back on thursday, and since then we have had 2 charlas with them, one on thursday and then on saturday and then they came to church!! they are super amazing! they have been super prepared to recieve the gospel and really want to change their lifes! and when we went to church on sunday some of the members thought that this family were already members! thats how ready they are! but we have a lot more to teach and do to help them but we are super excited to be working with them!

So that was are super spiritual awesome excperience this week, now for the not as espiritual ;)  so to celibrate my 6 months, and the countdown for the last 100 days for elder moss, we had a "night of toddys".  so toddys are the only chocolate chip cookies that you can find in uruguay, so we spent like 850 pesos on cookies, brownies, ice cream, and junk food and ate it all on sunday night! so we are all feeling really sick now, but it was super awesome and so worth it!! (i will send photos)  But ya that was this week for us! 

Thank you all for the love, prayers, and support!

Love Elder Jensen

me and elder cerpa with the hamburgers from the conference the last week
another photo of us at los dedos
a bowl of toddys cereal, cookies, oreos, brownies, and ice cream!
toddy cereal! 

toddy night!!

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