Monday, September 14, 2015


This week hasn´t been too crazy or exciting but it has been a good one... so ya i have a new comp now, Elder Cerpa from peru! its kinda interesting cause he has a different accent than the uruguayans and so for the first couple of days i couldn´t understand him very well at all! but ive gotten used to it by now but it is still a little hard to understand.  I am really enjoying working with him though! with elder hunt and elder oliveira i hardly ever talked during the lessons, because they talked a ton!! but now with elder cerpa he is a little bit quiter and doesn´t talk nearly as much so i have been talking in spanish a lot more now! so i think i am really going to like this change and i am going to learn a lot!

So this week we have been trying to prepare laura for baptism, and there have been so many problems! when we first put a baptismal date with here we were going to do it this coming weeked the 19th, but it turns out there is a conference that weekend, then we set it for the 26, and then we learned that there will be a youth activity and we might not be able to use the church. so we moved it to the 3rd of october, which as you may already know, is general conference... so now we aren´t even really sure when she is going to get baptized... and waiting until the 10th of october is just way to long of a wait.  So hopefully we can get all this sorted out before to long... but ya that is our biggest problem right now! But her and freddy are still doing really good and are patient with us moving the date so many times, im just worried that we may have changed it 1 to many times, and that patience is going to run out.  

Other than that it has been a pretty normal week... except we have found a couple spiders to many recently, and so we have been finding ways to get rid of them (see video) ;)

Thanks so much for the letters and everything!!

Love you guys!

the photo is of Elder Hunt, Elder Marley, Me, And Elder Cerpa.

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