Sunday, September 27, 2015

Conferencia Multizona!

me at los dedos
Hello everyone!! This week was a really awesome week! Well to start off we had a really amazing multizone conference in maldonado which is one of the richest areas of uruguay and its so cool to go visit a real city outside of montevideo! during the conference we had these hamburgers that are famous in all of uruguay named Tortugones, they are HUGE! me and elder Cerpa had to split one, they are that big! and soo good! unfortunatly i don´t have any photos...but we had the conference and the after our van driver took us the los Dedos!! which is a statue of some fingers reaching out of the sand! and it is soooo cool!! so that was easily one of the funnest days of my mission so far! 

Then also we have finally fixed the baptismal date with laura!! thanks for all the prayers in getting this all fixed up. so she will be getting baptized the 10th which is really far away considering she already completes with all the requirements for baptism and we have already taught all the lessons, but i guess we will have to wait. the reason we have to wait is because we have had conferences every saturday for the last 2 weeks and then next week there is an activity all day in the church and then general conference the week after. (which is going to be awesome!) but ya we got that all sorted out! 

Than this sunday and saturday we had stake conference with Elder ViƱas, who is one of the quorom of the 70, and he dropped some cane on the members here... it was awesome! he just came in and told them to start fufilling their callings and be better! after the conference i felt like i needed to go do some hometeaching or something cause it was pretty intense. but hopefully we can get some work done after this! 

Other than that it has been a pretty good week... not much else to say but it has been a good week =)  Thanks so much for all the photos and letters!! Love you guys!!

Elder Jensen!

p.s.  I am going to hit 6 months this week!!! holy cow!!!

me and elder cerpa at los dedos

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