Thursday, September 3, 2015

an investigator!!

Hello everyone!!!

Wow it has been an interesting week this week! and we have a progressing investigator!!!! during the last several weeks we havn´t had a real progressing investigator cause there are people here that are willing to listen to us but aren{t willing to do anything about it! but last sunday this less active member just showed up out of the blue with his non member daughter and they have started taking the lessons with us this week! we have already met with them like 4 times this week and they are awesome! she has accepted to be baptize and told us that she believe that she has recieved an answer and is reading the book of mormon! so me and elder oliveira are on top on the world right now!! We kinda learned that really the mission work is done by the lord, and not by the missionaries cause we have visited so many less actives and investigators and with no success, and now after almost 3 months we have an investigator that is progressing and even a less active that is returning to church!  now we just got to keep going and hope that she keeps completing with the invitations that we have given her! in other news (not so great news) one of the members passes away this week and it was really hard on the ward. he was one of the best members in this ward and one of my personal favorites, so ya that was a major downside to this week.

Then this week we had a ward activitie on tuesday and it was awesome! almost all of the members showed up and even some less actives and even some investigators! we ate hamburgers and played some soccer! but apparently the missionaries aren{t allowed to change out of their shirt and tie for ward activities so we had to play in our church clothes! but it was a blast! 

then a photo of exactly why i am gaining weight even while walking everyday... me eating a kilo of home made peanut butter during studies....i have no self control...

Just fyi changes are next week!! i don{t know how i feel about leaving or staying... but i guess we will find out next week!! love you all and thanks for all the letters and photos! Love you guys!!

Elder Jensen

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