Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hello everyone!!! and so the big news of the week... I ... AM ... Staying!!! yep i am staying in parque del plata for at least another 6 weeks! but there will be some changes, elder Oliveira is leaving to be a zone leader! so i will be working with elder Serpa (i think thats how you spell it...) but he is the trainer of elder hunt! and elder hunt told me he is pretty cool so i am kinda sad that elder oliveira is leaving but also excited to work with elder serpa! so yep! i am staying and that means i will be here for the baptism of laura! so i am excited about  that! I wasn´t sure how i felt about staying a nother six weeks here but i am glad that i at least get to be here to see laura get baptized.  i was a little disapointed that im not leaving just cause i want a change of scenery but either way....i am still excited to keep working here! 

So to celebrate the changes today we got to go to the temple and now we are in this huge mall and i feel like i am back in the states! we ate some mcdonalds and we are trying to enjoy our last p day together!! 

So this sunday was fast and testimony meeting and Freddy and Laura came (again!!!) and freddy was a member when he was 14 but for some crazy things that happened to him in his life he decided to leave the church.  But this sunday he got up to bear his testimony, and he was just like," i have waited 32 ish years to bear my testimony again, and i am so greatful for the missionaries and how God put them im my life" and it was such a great moment!!! it was so cool to see someone really change their life! and im so grateful for the chance i have had to see the changes! 

but ya that was my week this week and i hope you guys enjoy the following week! and byu football! 

Love Elder Jensen

we went to the temple this morning!! 

our zone

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