Monday, October 5, 2015


Well... where do i start? this was supposed to be the most like chill and spiritual weekend of the mission (and it was a very good weekend) but unfortunatly it had a couple of ups and downs (like everyweek!)  but we were all super pumped for the conference and getting ready and.... then i got sick... on thursday i started to get a headache during the last couple hours of prosyliting, and then in the morning i felt fine, but after the first hour of being outside in the morning i felt absolutly awful!! we went home, got permision from our leaders to let me rest and i slept until like 7 that night! i felt bad for elder Cerpa cause he just sat in our study room and listened to music, read, and looked at fotos for like 8 hours! So we were a little worried if i was going to be able to see the conference, but the saturday morning i felt super good! so we went (and watched it in spanish) then during the second conference session... the headach and the fever just sudenly came back and i was suddenly dying again! so missed a lot of that conference, and then after feeling better, and getting worse again, i finally feel better! but luckily i was able to enjoy the sunday sessions, healthily and in english.  But i had a cool experience with getting sick ( in the mission everything is a cool experience!)  but after the second session finished, literraly everyone in the church came to see how i was doing! and every single person had advice to give me, and it was so awesome to see the love these people have not only for the missionaries but for me individually, i have only known these people for like 4 months, and the investigators i have known for even less! and yet every single one of them treated me like a brother/son. and it was just super cool to see the love from these people! 

But anyway i was able to enjoy conference and learned a ton! i absolutly loved the 3 testimonies of the new apostles and the talk by elder Bednar to finish conference.  but the thing i really have learned from the last 2 conferences is how much i should have payed attention before the mission! i have learned so much from these talks and i took it for granted so much!! but the thing i took out of this conference was that we should stop critizing the commandments and just follow them!! like Elder Von G Keetch said," don´t be critical of the barrier, it is the only thing that is keeping you from being devoured"  and President Monson in preisthood," Bretheren i am going to be straight with you... Keep the Commandments" (i think thats how it goes.)  but ya i learned a ton!! Thanks for the love and support! sorry for lack of photos this week! 

Elder Jensen

This is "El Aguila" (the eagle) in atlantida, we went there for a zone activity

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