Monday, October 12, 2015

El bautismo de Laura!

well this week was lauras baptism!! it was a super awesome service! But there was a lot of cool little spiritual experiences with her baptism and i wish i could write about every single little one but it would take to much time! Both elder moss and elder Cerpa (who have 3 and half years between the two of them in the mission) said that this was the most spiritual baptism that they have been to!  It was really cool to see the difference the gospel has made for laura.  After the service she gave a very powerful testimony of the book of mormon and of the church in general.  she actually finished the book of mormon 2 days before her baptism (she read the book in about a month!) and said that by 1 nephi chapter 2 she already new that the book of mormon was true, and she talked about how greatful she is to have recieved the gospel. it really was a very strong testimony builder for me! but ya that was a great day! 

Laura y Freddy

Unfortunatly we haven´t had much progress with our family that we are teaching, the mother got sick this weekend and they weren´t able to come to church, and they are a little desanimado (sorry i don´t remember the word in english!) but we are still working with them and really are hopeing that they can keep progressing!! 

Other than that it was a fairly basic week, that and we found american marshmellows (which don´t exist here) and so we decided to roast marshmellows!! but ya still loving working down here in parque del plata! (definitly glad i stayed!) thanks for all the letters and photos this week!! love you guys!!

Elder Jensen

Us roasting marshmellows! 

Zone activity last week! tacos!!

us trying to decide who was going to say the prayer .

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