Monday, October 26, 2015

new area!!!

Well like i said last week, i am in a new area!! and i am absolutely loving it!! there is actually a decent amount of people here! it has defintly been a little bit of a shock moving from a tiny little city on the beach, to the city! but i am loving it here, i have met a few of the members (like brittany´s cousin!) and they are all awesome! and the bishop here is awesome!! but anyway i am here with elder Padilla from Colombia, he is from some small city with a really weird and long name so sorry i don´t know. but he is really short so people are always making fun of us cause i am way taller than everone here (almost everybody) and i am blond, and he is super short and super dark, so we look like polar opposites, but he is a super humble and loving guy! i am really looking forward to this change

Really not much has happened this week with the changes and everything, but i got here on wednesday night and we went and got to know a couple members and that was it, but really i haven´t done much in just 3 days or 4 i can´t remember... but anyway right now we are working with a family called the family Costa-Bleda and they have a ton of problems and if they get baptized it is going to be in like 3 months because they have to get married and then they have to quit smoking and a couple of others problems but they are super nice and starting to progress, and went to church this week!! so they are our main focus right now and then we just have a couple of random investigators who aren´t really progressing right now, but we will wait and see! 

but there was one really exciting thing that happened this week, we were just sitting eating lunch in our house one day (just 2 out of the 4 elderes in the house), and this mouse runs right in front of us and jumps under the couch we are sitting on, so naturally we jump up and grab the first thing next to us and i grab the broom and my comp grabs the kitchen knife, and we start our mouse hunt! we ended up pulling out the couch, the desks and the dressers in our house and after an hour and a half of hunting this mouse we finally killed it!! then we took it and put it on a plate and mad lunch with it for the other two elders!! i will try and sent a photo of the plate next week but it was awesome!!

But anyway that has been my week, I love you guys and hope that you have a great next week!!! 

Elder Jensen

Picture of Elder Jensen with 3 of his 4 companions

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