Tuesday, October 20, 2015

¡¡por fin me voy!!

Well once again the changes have come and this time i actually have some exciting news!!! I will be leaving parque del plata!! i am going to be leaving to go to montevideo!! i won´t be directly in the city but just a little outside of it in an area called Colon! and i am super excited!! Both elder Hunt and Elder Cerpa were in this area so i have heard a lot about it and i am super excited to see how it goes!! But i am a little sad to be leaving this house with elder cerpa, this has been one of the best changes, if not the best!! but i am still glad to finally be leaving parque del plata!  but i actually forgot my new comps name, so i will let you know next week! but he is from colombia and i have really good things about him as well! so ya i am really excited for the next change!! but other than the changes, nothing much happened this week! But thank you all for your love support and emails or photos and just everything that you guys do for me!! i will send you some photos of my new comp and area next week!!

Love you guys so much!!

Elder Jensen

photo of a member family that i absolutly love!!

my favorite sign i found from this area "parque del plata, el paraíso del mundo"

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