Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The big Announcement!

[Sept 13, 2016 email #2]

Hey everybody!!! Before reading WATCH THE VIDEO!! 

but yes there is a very big suprise! well we all thought that i was going to be with elder poulson for another change to finish training.... but nope.... on Sunday night we got a suprise phone call from President Eddy with the news that sadly i am going to leave Rio Branco and i will be returning to montevideo once again :(  I am going to be in "Belloni" with Elder xavier!!! which i am super excited about cause he was a financer while i was in the offices and he is such a great misionary and we are going to have a blast! but it has been a really hard time saying goodbye to the people here in rio branco, even though it only has been 3 months, this has been my favorite area of my mission and unfortunatly i won`t be here to see the rest of the progress of the investigatores that we have.  

Yesterday we went around to visit a couple of investigators to get some photos with them and when we met up with Claudio he told us that on sunday night some of his friends offered him some alcohol and he fell into his addicciones again.  and due to that, his girlfriend feels like she needs to seperate from him for some time.  which he is super sad about, and i feel really bad for him but i have no doubt that this is really a miracle from the lord cause she wasn`t progressing and didn`t want much from the church and hasn`t been a great influence in his life, and so now that they are going to be seperated we can really focus on his needs and he is going to get baptized!!! but unfortunatly i won`t be here :( but its amazing how the lord works :)

well that is about all the news that i have for this week... im nervous for the new changes, sad im not in rio branco anymore, and looking forward to the next adventure!!

Love you guys!!! 

Elder Jensen

us with Maria, she is also progressing towards her baptism in a month but she just needs some time!! 

Hermana Katerine and her son Cristian and she is one of the most amazing members i have ever met in my life.

and the familia Rodriguez who made us pizza last night!! so good! 

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