Wednesday, September 14, 2016


[Sept 5, 2016 email]

Well this has been a great week and i have some really exciting news!!! Claudio came to church and he has stopped smoking!!!! oh he is such a stud!!! so on tuesday we set some goals and plans with him and we decided to set saturday as the last that he was going to smoke, and we also decided that we were going to fast with him from friday afternoon to saturday afternoon to help him.  so we called him friday and we started the fast.  we show up on saturday and the first thing he says to us is,"oh you finally got here... im so hungry!!!"  haha he went the whole 24 hours without anything! so we broke the fast with him (we bought some really good hamburgers!) and we talked to him about how he felt and he is really starting to be happier and to just live a better life.  He came on sunday and he told that he has lost all the desires to smoke and is really progressing!!! ugh this was like the best weekend ever!!! 

Then we also had the "oro" conference on friday and we went to montevideo to have a conference with all the trainers and the new missionaries and it was really awesome. president eddy talked about the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ and why we share it. and it was super good! but the other exciting thing that happened this last week was that i had an intercambio with elder Padilla! he was my comp when we did the christmas call, and it was so awesome to work with him again, and its sad to think that due to pride we didn`t get a long very well until the last 3 or 4 weeks together, and now he is a great friend, but he wanted me to say hi to you guys and to thank joram again for the shoes!! he loves them! 

but ya we are all doing good! i hope you guys have a great week and i will see you next week!! Love you guys! 

Elder Jensen

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