Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What a week!!!

[Aug 29, 2016 email]

well this was a crazy week and a ton of stuff happened!! we had a training meeting with president this week and me and elder Drennan traveled on wednesday night at midnight got to montevideo at 6 in the morning, had the meeting and took a bus for 6 hours home and we got there at midnight! it was a long day! but it was an amazing meeting!  we talked about a lot of stuff, but we learned so much! 

 then on last monday, we went to the "free Shops" here in rio branco where they just have a ton of random crap for super cheap! (because its usually from brazil) and we found legos!!! and... a lightsaber!!! i now don`t have  any money but it was totally worth it!!! haha just kidding mom i still have food :) 

on the spiritual side, we have been able to have a couple more charlas with some investigators that would be progressing, but their still not going to church.... yesterday rained a lot :(  but claudio is doing a lot better and is really understanding but he is just having a hard time with smoking, but last time we took all of his cigarettes from him! so we are going to see how this week goes.  But ya things are really looking up, my comp and i are getting along really well and he is getting really used the mission, a lot faster than i did, and he has taught me alot! we are hoping for some big miracles this week!!  

Thanks so much for everything and i hope you all have a great week! 

love elder Jensen!  


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