Wednesday, September 28, 2016


[Sept 19, 2016 email]

well it has now been 6 days since i got here and man it has been some crazy days!!! wednesday we just left to go work, and then thursday we had a conference with all the missionaries in montevideo with Elder Texiera who is one of the area 70`s here in south america and it was soooooo good!!! he talked about several things that our mission needs to improve and there was a little bit of cane in there but it was really edifying and the missionaries left the conference super excited to work! then on friday we had a leadership meeting with president and Elder Texiera for all the ZLs in the mission and we talked a lot of the same things that we need to change in the mission and i really feel like this mission is just one the bubble of exploding! there are several things that need to change first, some old habits that we have as missionaries and president is really expecting us to change.  but there is just an excitement in the mission that i didn`t see before and it is getting ready to just take off and i couldn`t have a better comp to be with! we are just going to work our butts off this change and we really want to have a lot of success this change! but honestly Elder Xavier is such a stud! we are going to have a blast because we don`t have to spend any time getting to know eachother, because we already lived with eachother for 3 changes in the offices and now all we have to do is work! 

Then on sunday i we had church and it was quite a change! from rio branco with 40 people to this ward that has about 110 and very work orriented members, i was blown away! at the end of church all the leaders get to gether to see who didn`t come to church and decide who is going to visit them! this ward is awesome! 

there isn`t really much else to say other than we are all good, alive, excited, and slightly tired, but enjoying life! oh and wish us luck we got our first zone conference tomorrow and we are going to see how it turns out!  I hope you guys have a great week and i will talk to you next week! 

Love elder Jensen

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