Sunday, December 20, 2015

ward dinner!!!

[Dec 14, 2015 email]

"hello world! the sun says hello!" 

ya the sun has come, and it got super hot here! it hit like 96 ish and with a ton of humidity! but its not the walking in the heat or anything like that, that bugs me... its that it stays super hot during the night and between the 4 elders we just have 1 fan... so we have started getting in the shower with our pajamas on or just putting them in the freezer, its either that or sweat all night.  but even with the sun we have had a pretty good week and we have found a couple of new investigators but nobody is going to be progressing soon... so we are going to wait and see. but the work is going really well here in colón, me and elder padilla are working together and working hard! i really want to stay here in this ward! 

but like i said last week, we had our ward end of year dinner and it was awesome!! i love this ward here! we ate food, played some games and some of these people were going nuts over these games!! im talking about full grown men and women yelling over a trivia game! it was intense but super fun! then this week we have our mission wide christmas conference tomorrow! , and i am super excited! 

Love you all see you next week! 

Elder Jensen

this is what i´ve resorted to... putting clothes in the freezer....its hot here! 

ward dinner

gift from a recent convert.... i think they are trying to say something...

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