Friday, December 4, 2015


Note: A member of our ward created a Christmas book with each missionary and their testimony. Here's Elder Jensen's from Nov 23rd:

honestly being out here thousands of miles from my home, family, and friends, trying to learn a language that i didn´t understand after 5 years of high school classes, and teaching the gospel has opened my eyes and stregthened my testimony in ways that i coudln´t have imagined before the mission.  When i look at all the problems that there are in the world and all the broken families, i have to recognize that the family that i have and the unitly between us is a blessing from our Heavanly Father. cause in this world it is nearnly impossible to have a family like we do, and i cannot deny that all the blessing i have been given come from this gospel.  I do not have a perfect testimony and there isn´t a missionary that has one, but that is why the Lord sends 19 year olds. to strength their faith.  and i know that only being here in uruguay i could have grown like i have.  now i can truly say that i know that this is the true church and there is no other way to reach eternal life. i am so greatful for the challenges and stuggles i have had and that i will have in the mission and in life in general, because that is the only way we grow.

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