Friday, December 4, 2015

changes!!! ....psych!!!

so yep we had changes this week, but there really weren´t any changes anywhere... only 2 elders in our zone are changing and i will be staying in colon with elder padilla for the hollidays! hopefully we can keep getting a long but we will have to wait and see!!

But this week was awesome! we had a baptism this saturday and it was super awesome and spiritual!!! so hermano jamie canals and his wife solange (they are an older couple) got baptised and they have such a strong testimony already it is amazing!! but this week before their baptism she told us her whole conversion story from start to begining and it is a super awesome story so i thought i would share it! but she was going to go to florida to go visit her son that lives there and while she was sitting down waiting to board the plane, a lady sat down next to her and they started to talk a little bit, and turns out they were going to be on the same flight, and the flight ended up being cancled due to the weather.  So the airline rented out a hotel and they ended up being put in the same room, so they got to know eachother pretty well and turns out that this other lady was a member of the church, and at some point they started to talk about the church and the member just happed to have a copy of the most recent liahona in her bag so she let Solange borrow the magazine for the flight and now they are best friends and because this member was willing to share a simple magazine, her and her husband were able to get baptized last week.  Honestly the story was a lot longer and better but i had to cut it down, but it is just a cool example of how "by means of small and simple things, great things come to pass". unfortunatly i didn´t bring my camera so i will send photos next week.  

But ya that was about it for the week.... i love you guys and have a great week!!!!

Elder Jensen

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