Tuesday, December 8, 2015

...not much... except christmas!!!

we this week was a pretty normal week, just a day shorter with the changes last week and we had to help with elder moss moving into our house, but it has been a pretty chill week this week.  then last thursday elder padilla got super sick out of no where! we were just walking in the street and then he suddenly stopped walking and almost passed out! we still don´t know what he got because he got better latter that night  but then the rest of the house now has got the cold... well we had the cold.  it was only like for a day, but ya it was really interesting how fast it came and went! but we are all just looking forward to the christmas activities in our ward and stake there are like 4 activities in the next 2 weeks so we are really looking forward to this! but i don´t have much to say this week, and besides i´ll talk to you all soon!! that and  im out of time :(  but love you all i hope you guys have a great week!!

Love elder Jensen

fotos del bautismo
me, solange, jamie, elder padilla, then our ward mission leader and his wife hno y hna perez.

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