Sunday, January 31, 2016



Well another week in the offices! but like always it was really good, and slightly stressful, and a little sad but it was a good week.  Well i will start with the sad part... this week two of the missionaries from my group that came here with me went home this week, well one went home and the other is going home on monday.  but luckily being in the offices i get to go with them to the airport and say goodbye to them before they really leave.  but the elder that already went home was really sad cause he was such a good guy, and i was supposed to go to the airport with him but plans changed last minute and i ended up not going aand so i never got to said goodbye, but oh well...

Well now a little bit more about the good things that happened this week! well first of all we finally found someone to teach!!!! we haven´t actually taught her yet but we found her in the street on thursday and sadly she is leaving this weekend but we have a lesson set up with her on monday night.  she really seems like she could progress but i will let you know how it goes next week!! then things in the office are normal and we are keeping busy.

Then on p day last week, we went walking a long the coast line looking at little shops and fun stuff like that and we ran into this really cool naval museum with all this random stuff outside, like a huge boat so we decided to have some fun and take some photos of me elder xavier and elder cuessy and elder briceƱo, it was a nice p day.  

But ya that was about it this week, i don´t really know what to write about but that is about all that happened, oh and we found out that elder Bednar is coming to the mission in Febuary (the 27 i believe...) and he will be coming here to the offices for an entire day!!! i don´t know what we are going to be doing or if we are even going to be there, but im still super excited!!! but that means we got some cleaning to do! ;)  

But anyway thanks for everything! love you guys!

Elder Jensen

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