Sunday, February 12, 2017

another week in castillos...

[Jan 30, 2017 email]

Well we are back in business! This wednesday we went back to montevideo to get my comp checked up and he is doing good! we have been able to get back out and work and we have had some first good days together.  We have been able to find a couple of our old investigators and we found some new ones as well,  and onae of the new investigatores that we found came to church with us and he really enjoyed it.  his name is Daniel. 

But we are really excited for this change, we were finally able to really start working and we put some high goals and my comp has a lot of good ideas on how we can help out investigators. adn we are really going to focus on getting them to church where as in the past we were focusing a little bit more on reading the book of mormon, we are seeing that this is really the problem is that they aren`t going to church.  But we really feel like this is going to be a good change.  

As for the week we don`t have much to say, not much happened, we spent the first half of the week just deep cleaning the house and staying inside, but next week should be more eventful! 

Thanks for everything and see you next week! 

Love you guys!

Elder Jensen

all my mission agendas... all 17 of them.

enjoying cheesecake... 

eating some "milanesas al pan" ...

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