Friday, June 17, 2016

Last week as secretary.... :)

[June 11, 2016 email]

Well its officially my last full week as secretary and honestly i can´t believe it! these last six months have been so amazing and hard! and i am super excited to leave the offices but at the same time i am going to miss the time i have had here and especially the time with President Cook and Hermana Cook! luckily though i am going to be here this week and we are going to have a farewell for them and have dinner with them to say goodbye. its going to be a very sad dinner, and they are going to be missed.  

But this week last week, was pretty normal.  Me and Elder bio were able to get out a lot more in our area and were able to have a couple charlas with some investigators this week, and we finally had a charla with Pablo (the guy we found in the streets like 4 weeks ago) and he is so excited to come to church and loves it but he just has so much that is going against him right now! his work won´t let him change his schedule to be able to come to church, and his girfriend is going through a really hard time with her family that she lives with, and she likes the church when she comes but she doesn´t have that desire to come, and so pablo is trying to find a new job or fix his schedule and get his girlfriend out her house to get her in a better situation, but i really think that he is going progress, he just has such an icredible spirit and even though he is 22 he understands the importance of the church and wants to keep coming.  So we are really praying hard and trying to do everything we can for him.  

Then today we are also super excited cause the financiers are going to have a baptism!! They are both super excited and have worked so hard to get to the baptism and to help Oscar make it to his baptism, so we are all excited here!

Other than that... not much is going on here... I hope you guys have a great week, and i will talk to you next week with the news of where i am going!! Love you all! 

Elder Jensen

We had another Toddys night this week so that was super fun. Of course all of our stomachs hurt like crazy afterwards haha.

last group foto before changes start! 

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